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Foods That Make You Feel Better

Superfoods that heal


Norine Dworkin-McDaniel


Once upon a time, food as medicine wasn’t such a strange idea—Hippocrates himself vouched for it. And while you may not expect your meals to hold as much importance in an era when doctors can do face transplants, food is still vital for mental and physical well-being. “Our bodies have a remarkable capacity to heal, and what we eat can help with that,” says Travis Stork, MD, co-host of The Doctors and a practicing board-certified emergency-medicine physician. The thought that diet enhances mood and wellness may be age-old, but the scientific proof is brand-new. So turn your grocery list into an Rx for what ails you, using this latest research as your guide.

Curb heartburn: Whole grains and fiber


‘Tis the season for overindulging—and heartburn. But adding in more veggies and replacing refined grains like white rice and pasta with their whole-wheat counterparts might help you survive the holidays reflux-free. The secret? The high insoluble-fiber content gets things moving, explains Ronald Primas, MD, clinical instructor of medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, in New York City: “The more fiber you eat, the less time food spends in the stomach, which helps keep food and acid from coming back up.”

Survive cold season: Tuna, halibut, turkey


Don’t subsist only on salads during the winter months. Getting an insufficient amount of selenium can mean that you’re missing out on a key player in immune function. Selenium helps build up white blood cells—particularly those responsible for killing bacteria and viruses, even the flu. Animal studies have shown that selenium deficiency not only leads to more severe flu symptoms but also enables mild flu viruses to mutate into more virulent strains. Just one serving of halibut or sardines gives you more than 60 percent of your RDA and provides you with mood-boosting omega-3 fatty acids.

Survive cold season: Fermented foods


What do yogurt, kimchi (Korean cabbage), kefir (a fermented milk drink), miso and tempeh (made from fermented soybeans) have in common? They all contain beneficial bacteria, aka probiotics, which can help keep your immune system strong, explains Siona Sammartino, a nutritionist and natural foods chef in Seattle, WA. A Swedish study found that having a daily probiotic drink cut workplace sick days by 55 percent. And a Cochrane meta-analysis of 10 studies found that probiotics worked better than placebos for reducing upper respiratory infections. Not into yogurt? Say cheese: Many aged raw-milk cheeses (such as Edam, Gouda or feta) are good sources of probiotics, notes Sammartino.

Survive cold season: Kale, spinach, yams, pumpkin, carrots


Vitamin A is the VIP here, keeping mucous membranes moist and healthy so germs can’t get past them, says David Katz, MD, founder of the Yale University Prevention Research Center and author of Disease-Proof: The Remarkable Truth About What Makes Us Well.

Soothe joint and muscle pain: Fatty fish


It’s like oil in the Tin Man’s joints: The omega-3 fatty acids in fish such as salmon and sardines can help get stiff knees working again. A recent meta-analysis of research found that taking omega-3s daily reduced joint pain and a.m. stiffness enough to allow patients with rheumatoid arthritis to reduce NSAID use.

Soothe joint and muscle pain: Tart cherries


Athletes swear by the anti-inflammatory powers of tangy “sour-pie” cherry juice to reduce after-workout soreness. In a study from Oregon Health & Science University, runners who drank 12 ounces of the tart stuff twice daily for a week before a race (plus on the day of the event) reported less post-run pain than those who had a cherry-flavored placebo drink.

Clear allergy fog: Nuts and seeds


Got itchy eyes and sneezing fits? Make like a squirrel and stock up on nuts and seeds. Almonds, peanuts and sunflower seeds (and even some vegetables) are chock-full of vitamin E, which studies suggest may help reduce the allergic response, explains Today show nutrition expert Joy Bauer, RD. A German study found that people with diets high in vitamin E had a lower risk of hay fever than those who weren’t getting as much of it. The RDA for adults is 15mg, the amount in about 2 ounces of sunflower seeds—perfect for powering up a salad.

Clear allergy fog: Berries, apples, onions


Consider these foods a garden-variety allergy pill. It’s thanks to a compound called quercetin, which has shown promise in test-tube studies done at Tufts University for preventing immune cells from releasing the histamines that cause those familiar symptoms.

Fight a UTI: Parsley tea


Lab research suggests why you should eat the parsley-sprig garnish on your plate (and then some): It’s been shown to be an antibacterial force against the germs that cause urinary tract infections—even some of those that have demonstrated resistance to antibiotics. Next time you feel the dreaded twinge of a UTI, try this: Boil some water, steep a bunch of parsley in it for 10 minutes and then drink up, recommends Param Dedhia, MD, internal-medicine physician at Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa, in Tucson, Ariz. Repeat throughout the day.

Fight a UTI: Cranberry juice


It’s not merely a sweet mixer for boozy beverages. Studies show that the go-to preventive remedy for UTIs isn’t just the stuff of folklore. Past research has focused on compounds in cranberries (and blueberries) called proanthocyanidins, which were found to keep bacteria from attaching to bladder cells and causing infection. Now new research from McGill University demonstrates yet another way that the humble cranberry may be a woman’s best friend: “In lab studies, cranberry prevented the bacteria from producing a specific protein called flagellin, which is necessary for growing the tails that enable them to swim up the urinary tract and attach to cells,” explains lead study author Nathalie Tufenkji, PhD. Look for products with cranberry juice listed in the first three ingredients.









10 Worst Foods To Eat When You Want To Lose Weight.

10 Worst Foods to Eat When You Want to Lose Weight


 10 Worst Foods to Eat When You Want to Lose Weight


You have to think of so many things when you are dieting that it tends to get overwhelming. Many times, when people fall off the diet wagon it is simply because there is too much planning and too much to do. If you can think of these simple things and stick to lots of veggies, you will likely be successful in your dieting endeavors. It is all about moderation and being practical. Don’t starve yourself but think about what you are eating.


1. White Bread


Any other bread is fine. Yes, low carb is a craze, but white bread is absolutely the worst. Your body treats it like sugar and you will be hungry again before you know it.


2. Sugary Cereal


Sugar not only gives you the sugar crash but it makes you hungry again. Your body craves the sudden upswing in energy and you will find you are fighting even more to stay on track with your diet.

3. Whole Milk/Cream



Find alternatives. Yes, it tastes good but the added fat you are putting in your body for a small amount of fun is just not worth it. Consider flavored soy milks or rice milk instead. Great for coffee! .


4. Vegetable Oil


Yes it is better than animal fat but it is still very high in fat. Try to avoid vegetable oil and other oils in your food. A little olive oil is great now and then but baking things is usually better. Baked meats rather than fried are heart healthy and good for the waistline.


5. 100% Fruit Juice

Fruit is good for you but fruit juice is often not. Read the label carefully to make sure you are not getting a bunch of additives. In addition, don’t over drink it because it is still high in calories…

6. Potatoes


Potatoes themselves are not bad. What you put on potatoes, bad. Sour cream, butter, cheese, these are fatty foods. Try doing plain baked potatoes with salsa or veggies and you will have a filling meal that is not high in calories..




7. Soda

Even if you are drinking diet, it isn’t great. There is so much salt in soda that it tends to make you retain water and makes you hungry all over again. Avoid soda, drink water…

8. Fast Food


No brainer, right? Fast food places have come up with some healthier options, but in general it is best to avoid the temptation. Once you get in the habit of not letting yourself eat such things it becomes easier to not eat it at all. You will think ahead and pack better food.

9. Processed Meat


While processed meat might seem easy, it is bad for the system. Another high sodium product you will find yourself bloating up before you know it..

10. Processed Meals

Even the diet meals should be used in moderation. Fresh food is better for you. When you add up the amount of salt you take in via pre-made meals you will be amazed at the amount. It is one of the best ways to make an instant difference in your weight.

6 Surprising Beauty Benefits of the Green Apple

Every once in a while I learn about the natural beauty benefits of a certain fruit or veggie and I am totally blown away. My latest go-to for gorgeous skin and hair? The green apple! This small, tart and delicious fruit is one of the healthiest out there, but also packs a punch in the beauty department.  Check out these surprising beauty benefits of the green apple – and go have your apple a day!


6 Surprising Beauty Benefits of the Green Apple

  • Packed with antioxidants – and you know what that means – this fruit keeps your skin looking young.
  • Try making a paste of green apple skin and leaves – this is a great natural solution for treating dandruff.
  • Great natural cure for acne – eat an apple a day to keep breakouts under control.
  • Green apples can even help get rid of dark under eye circles.
  • Find hair products that contain green apple – it’s known for preventing hair loss and strengthening hair.
  • Try a green apple masque for a deep moisturizing treatment.

Have you ever used green apple in your skin and hair routine?

Witch Hazel for Skin Care: 8 Benefits

Have you ever noticed a common ingredient in many of your daily skin care products? Witch hazel has been a staple skin care product for years – it’s natural, effective and inexpensive – and found in many of the products we already use! Take a look below for the benefits of witch hazel for skincare.


Witch Hazel for Skin Care: 8 Benefits

  1. Great for reducing puffy eyes. It’s known to de-puff and tighten skin.
  2. Moisturize! Even though witch hazel reduces oil, it also locks in moisture.
  3. Tighten pores and get rid of impurities. A quick swipe of witch hazel over your skin will leave you feeling refreshed and on your way to smaller pores.
  4. Helps with the appearance of varicose veins. Witch hazel’s tannins can reduce inflammation and constrict blood vessels.
  5. Helps with the appearance of psoriasis and eczema.
  6. Help heal sunburn and razor burn. Just spritz or swipe over the affected area.
  7. Speed up the healing process of bruises. The tannins will help heal bruised skin.
  8. Fights acne. It’s a natural astringent – add to your daily routine like you would toner.

Even though witch hazel has been around for years – we sometimes forget that the simplest products work the best. Can you believe all these benefits of witch hazel for skin care? Have you ever used witch hazel as part of your skin care routine?

“E Gift”

“E Gift”

Did you forget to get someone a gift for this Holiday season? Not to worry, I found the solution for you called an “e gift”. With this you are able to email a choice of items to who you forgot to get a gift for and they can choose which one they want. Your credit card does not get charged until the person who is receiving the email picks one of the items you chose. If they never choose one your card does not get charged.

5 Ways To Banish Dry Skin This Winter

5 Ways To Banish Dry Skin This Winter5 Ways To Banish Dry Skin This Winter

It’s around this time of year, (every year!) that dry and itchy skin starts to set in. Between the low winter temps, dry air and harsh winds, skin tends to take a beating when the seasons shift. In addition to the cool air outside, skin also has to endure high temps of indoor heat. When skin is going through repeated and harsh temp changes all season long, knowing how to hydrate dry skin is absolutely essential! From hydrating masks to other moisturizing treatments, take a look below at my go-to winter skin regimen.

5 Easy Ways:

Shower and wash your face with lukewarm water rather than hot water. Hot water robs the skin of moisture.
ALWAYS moisturize after showering of washing your hands.
Exfoliate regularly. When skin is well-exfoliated it’s able to absorb moisture much more easily.
Use hydrating masks. One of my faves is a DIY avocado mask made with avocado, olive oil and honey. (all natural and feels great!)
Hydrate! There’s nothing more moisturizing than hydration from the inside out.

How about you? Got any special tricks for how to hydrate dry skin?

Stocking Stuffer! The Prettiest Beauty and Makeup Gift Sets

Stocking Stuffer! The Prettiest Beauty & Makeup Gift Sets

December 16th // 1 Comment

Makeup and beauty products have always been my go-to stocking stuffers. They make the perfect presents and why not give a gift that’s girly, fun and will make them feel beautiful inside and out? Here are my four picks for the best makeup gift sets out there this year and be sure to let me know YOUR favorite stocking stuffer ideas in the comments! xo

Stocking Stuffer! The Prettiest Beauty & Makeup Gift Sets 

The amazing @goohigh is a huge fan of the Lumiere de Vie kit! 

  • The Present by Scott Barnes in Golden Goddess or Smokey Nights – two gorgeous options that include four lip glosses, eye shadows and concealers, two blushes, and one translucent powder. Even the packaging is beautiful and perfect to carry in your bag!
  • Motives Nail Lacquer Fall/Winter Collection – six stunning polishes in this season’s hottest shades (you also can’t beat the price for under $30!)
  • 7 Piece Essential Brush Set – a great gift set for every woman, whether she’s a teen just starting to play with makeup or a serious MUA.
  • Lumiere de Vie Kit – all three essential skincare products that include a cleanser, toner and rejuvenation cream. Give the gift of gorgeous skin!

Have you tried any of these yet?

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